Monday, March 29, 2010

Make your Spouse Happy!

When you've been married for a few years and you've grown comfortable with your spouse it's easy to fall victim of going through the motions of married life. Hubby goes to work, and if you're a stay-at-home wife/mom then you're at home working to make a life... but the golden rule for marriage is to live to make your spouse happy.

So what would make your spouse happy? This will naturally change from one man to the next - but for the most part, hubby wants to see a happy wife.

Sure, I'm positive he would appreciate the house being clean and the dinner prepared on time - but wouldn't it be more exciting to come home to a happy, smiling wife? ABSOLUTELY! The saying goes - happy wife = happy life!

I's time to break out the smiles ladies and do our best to be in a good, happy/cheerful mood when hubby comes home. I know it's rough, ESPECIALLY if you have little ones you're taking care of - but as I talked about in a previous post - making time for yourself to regroup should help give you the little boost you need to get on track. Just think of all the rewards you'll get when you make your spouse happy - it's like treating yourself!

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