Sunday, August 1, 2010

There's No One Like Mom!

After spending over an hour talking to my mom on the phone yesterday - I’m very grateful to have such a wonderful mom!

I adored my mom when I was a little girl... not-so-much when I was a teenager. I thought I knew everything and my mom knew nothing. Once I got married and finally got over my selfish know-it-all attitude (ok, so there are still times when I’m a selfish know-it-all) I began to truly appreciate my mom.

I have friends who no longer have their moms in their life and while I will know this pain one day, I’m especially grateful that she’s in my life as I navigated the waters of pregnancy, motherhood as well as married life.

My mom always gives me great advice and talks me down when I can’t control my emotions. She makes me feel loved no matter what! I’m proud to say I adore my mom!