Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday: What Did You Score?

Shopping is a wonderful stress reliever. Unfortunately, however, in-store Black Friday shopping is most definitely not! I typically don't bother with Black Friday sales because:

1) My time is money - so standing in line for 2+ hours so I can save $30 is just not worth it.

2) Almost all the sales are available online with free shipping (and no tax - depending on the store).

Although, there were some really enticing deals at Old Navy and Kohls. All the kids needed some more clothes because it's getting cooler and they need warmer clothing and most of what they have is stained; I abhor stained clothing!

I started my shopping online at Old Navy but discovered they were open on Thanksgiving and I was feeling a little stir crazy...

Me: "May I go to Old Navy to buy some shirts for the kids?"
Hubby: "The stores are all closed today."
Me: "No, apparently Old Navy is open."
Hubby: "They have drawers full of shirts!"
Me: "Ilyas' are all stained and the girls need more long sleeved ones. They're having a really great sale on shirts for $5 AND I have a 20% coupon."
Hubby: (silence)

Typically my hubby's silent answers mean no, but I was determined. I started getting ready to go and grabbed the keys. He didn't say anything. YES! *excited smiles* An hour later I was back with:

6 long sleeved shirts and 2 short sleeves shirts (for little man)
4 long sleeved tunics and 2 pairs of yoga pants (for the girls)

The damage: $64

Of course I found a couple more dresses/tops on Old for the girls and ordered those too.

I scored some more amazing deals at for myself: a couple cardigans, a skirt, dress, tops, as well as a cast iron dutch oven for my sister!

I did sneak into the Kohls store (I called ahead to make sure the wait wasn't long). After my two day shopping spree - my most favorite deals were an over-sized microplush throw for $8 and a gorgeous dark emerald green knit cardigan for $12 (which I'm rocking right now with a pair of trouser jeans and a tank - I love it)!

Did you go shopping? If so, what did you score?

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