Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: 2005 & 2010

I was invited to participate in Flashback Friday. I really like the idea of going through old photos (although I admit I don't really have many from prior to 2004).

Any mama who finds out they are having a girl are usually delighted... have you seen the amazingly cute clothes they make for baby girls? While I honestly admit I wanted my first child to be a boy - my mom really wanted me to have a girl (my brother already had twin boys - so she was itching for a granddaughter). If memory serves me correctly my sister and I went shopping at the Children's Place outlet and we picked out this cute dress and matching hat. I really loved the pastel green color with pink accents - girly, but not "pink" girly - know what I mean? My family and friends all bought her so many gorgeous outfits - I just couldn't wait for her to wear them all!

My Little Bug Aaliyah was a fairly small baby and she didn't grow as quickly as her chubby wubby younger sister and brother did... so she was 6 months old before she started wearing size 3-6 months.

I was very excited to finally be able to put this dress on my Little Bug - and unfortunately my hopes for a happy picture were shot. She screamed and screamed (as she did almost every day, all day for MONTHS) - so I had to settle for the grumpy picture. I distinctly remember my hubster telling me that day, "You don't have a daughter. You have a doll."

The last time she wore a pretty dress was at my sister's wedding back in 2010 - here she is with my mom (I LOVE this picture)... Don't let the picture fool you - she still screams and cries - mainly because she doesn't want to clean up when I tell her to.

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  1. What special memories! A crying baby is not uncommon and it brings you to reality of the emotions and stress a mother is put under during this time. She is now a beautiful little girl, I too love the bottom picture, thats super special! Thanks for following and participating this week, I am now following you in return and hope to see more from you in future! Happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks Melissa!

      I really look forward to these Flashback Friday moments! I might bend the rules a little from time to time (like I did by posting two pictures - but sometimes the post really sort of calls for it). :D Yes, a crying/screaming baby is not uncommon - but certainly a rude awakening to the reality that some babies are just very needy and it was a very rough year (who am I kidding - it's still rough 7+ years later).

  2. So sweet. I have a rather more 'teenage' memory this week!


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