Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giving in...

While I don't blog a lot - it's not usually for a lack of inspiration or things to say. In fact, I have plenty of things I want to blog about; unfortunately, however, I don't usually have the time. Time - it's such a luxury!

Weeks ago I started blogging {again} about my weight loss journey; I struggled with how often I was going to weigh in or post about weight loss in general. I didn't want my blog to become a "weight loss blog." Not that it's a bad thing - I actually appreciate weight loss blogs, a lot!

When I started blogging I wanted to write about the madness of my life as a whole - being a wife/mom, a homeschooler, a Muslim, living with bipolar, struggling with my weight as well as incorporate my various projects (sewing) or favorite recipes...

I'm not changing my blogging course entirely - I definitely will continue blogging about the other "stuff" - but I'm "giving in" to writing more about my weight loss journey because it's currently the biggest madness I'm surviving right now (that and my kids behavior).

I also set up a SparkPeople page (my username is SerenaMichelle). It's a great site where I can track my fitness, weight/measurements, and connect with other people currently losing or have already successfully lost weight. I could track my nutrition as well but I really prefer the online calendar I'm using to track my food/points. My page also has a blog option so I will be posting my weight/fitness related blog posts there too!

Many thanks to everyone who is following and supporting me along the way - knowing you're with me is an excellent motivation!


  1. I was like you but have found sharing my journey is holding me accountable and motivating me more. I only post about it once a week but it is helpful. Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thanks Kandi! Right now I'm posting at least once a week but sometimes I want to write a little more but wouldn't because I thought I would end up with "just another weight loss blog." Even if that does happen - it's not a bad thing... whatever keeps me motivated and on course is most definitely a good thing!

  2. Sparkpeople rocks! I lost 50lbs with the help of that site, anyways whatever helps you get there do it even if that means posting often about your weight loss on your blog it's a great way of holding yourself accountable. Wishing you the best of luck on your weight loss journey.

    1. Rock on for the 50 pound weight loss - that's awesome!!!

      So far I'm really loving SparkPeople. The daily email they send is great - full of useful info! Oftentimes I dismiss email from such sites as "junk" but I find myself reading everything they send.

      I'm glad I gave in and decided to use my blog as another tool... if I can help/inspire someone else it will all be worth it to me!


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