Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 03/10

I've been at it for 5 weeks now and I feel absolutely amazing... I'm still feeling very motivated, inspired, and full of energy. I continue to challenge myself and rise to the occasion every time. This week I managed to jog 1.25 miles non-stop! I've been walking and jogging for a few weeks - but usually at intervals of 1-2 laps walking and 1-2 laps jogging - never 4+ laps!

Eventually I might tire of going around the block over and over - but for now it really keeps me going. I tell myself, "You only have a 1/2 block left." or "You can do this Serena - only a few more houses!" Going around the block is a lot more exciting than the dreadmill - in the past I used to have to negotiate with myself everyday to get on it!

Yesterday I did my very first High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. I learned a LOT about it a few years ago but never really gave it a try. I walked 1 lap then stopped to stretch. I warned the kids I was going to be running as fast as I could - so I would need them to ride on ahead of me because I wouldn't be able to stop and wait for them. I was aiming for 15 minutes (7 sets) of HIIT - 30 seconds running as fast as I possible could (like a lion was chasing me) followed by 90 seconds walking. I managed to survive 10 minutes (5 sets) before I just couldn't do it anymore. When they say afterwards you feel like you're going to die - they're not kidding. However, I toughed out another 20 minutes of brisk walking to complete a total of 35 minutes exercise for the day (and 600 calories burned)!

I'm quite confident anyone in the neighborhood who happened to see me probably thought I was crazy for trying to run so fast! LOL!

Now on to my weigh in for the week!

Current weight: 258.8
Last week's weight: 262.6

Difference: -3.8 lbs
Total lost: -17.2 lbs

*Pardon me while I peel myself off the ceiling from excitement*

Goodbye (God willing, forever) to the 260's! I'm sooo close to having lost 20 pounds - and I couldn't be happier. It definitely has made up for the few less than satisfactory weigh in's I've had in weeks prior. It all works out in the long run - I just have to keep putting in the hard work and stay focused/dedicated.

Here's a picture of me yesterday before my workout - proving you don't have to sacrifice modesty for fitness!


  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Serena! MashaAllah! May Allah continue you on your path to health!
    I Love you for the sake of Allah.


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