Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 03/31

I was bad this week! I didn't cheat or have any desire to - but I didn't eat as much as I should have. Monday night I completely lost my appetite; I forced myself to eat an English muffin with a little honey and sunflower seed butter (my new favorite snack/treat - super yummy) and cottage cheese.

The rest of the week I fared better but Thursday I missed lunch because the kids requested me to make something entirely different for lunch (a Moroccan pea soup called Bisarra and homemade bread) and I just wasn't in the mood to eat it. I figured I would eat something else after I exercised but the time kept getting away from me... I didn't start exercising until after 4pm and finished an hour later - so my lunch turned into an early dinner.

Yesterday I missed breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to find cereal on the floor and the counters in disarray with dishes and other miscellaneous things out of place courtesy of the kids and hubster. I cannot function or cook in the kitchen if it feels messy so I started cleaning and ended up spending 2 hours in a full-scale kitchen detail - followed by tidying the bedrooms, sorting/washing laundry and making beds (oh how I miss my cleaning lady Adriana).

I knew I was sabotaging myself by not eating enough but I refused to overeat just to make up for the missed meals - which would not be without consequence either.

This weeks progress...

Current weight: 252.4
Last week's weight: 254.4

Difference: -2 lbs
Total lost: -23.6 lbs

I took a picture this morning for my 20+ pound loss... Can I just say how much I hate taking pictures? Oh, well, I just did. I'm not photogenic at all; 99 times out of 100 I hate the way I look in photos. It was 6:30am but I made an effort to wear something other than my frumpy exercise clothes. Actually, I haven't worn this dress in months because it was just a tad too clingy for my taste. I can see subtle differences now - my face isn't nearly as bloated and my second chin is getting smaller! I HATE having a double chin so the sooner I can say goodbye to that I'll be ecstatic!

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