Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Girls and Curls...

I LOVE hair! Since I was a little girl I have {almost} always had incredibly long, thick hair. I'd like to believe my girls have inherited their beautiful hair from me - however, the ladies on my hubby's side of the family all have amazing hair too.

With that said - my oldest daughter most definitely has my hair. The color and thickness/texture are identical to mine (although my hair has darkened over the years so it's not quite as honey colored anymore).

My youngest daughter has fine, but incredibly long hair! She refuses to let me cut it... she says, "I don't want to look like a boy." She's tender-headed and insists the hairbrush GIVES her tangles and this is why she doesn't like her hair brushed (I have yet to convince her the tangles are NOT from the hairbrush).

A couple months ago I bought a NuMe curling wand. I came across a great deal online and went ahead and splurged on one. It arrived super fast; unfortunately, I never got around to using it and tucked it away in my room.

Last month I found out I won an awesome giveaway for a NuMe Fashionista Flat Iron and some other great tools (a comb, defense spray, and pouch). Needless to say I was thrilled... the girls were excited too and asked if I could do their hair.

Weeks have passed and I FINALLY got around to playing with my new toys! I curled both of the girls hair today - actually I curled Aaliyah's hair (my oldest daughter) twice because I perfected my technique by the time I did her sister's hair.

Here are the results...

Halimah's hair before being curled (left) and her hair after being curled (right)

Aaliyah's hair from the first session (left) and her hair from the second session (right)

Curling long, thin hair is a LOT easier than curling thick hair! The first time I did Aaliyah's hair I managed to do it in just under 30 minutes. I did Halimah's hair and despite its lovely length I was able to do her hair in 30 minutes as well. The second time I did Aaliyah's hair - it took exactly an hour; holy hair, Batman!

Rest assured I did NOT waste nearly 2 hours of my time just playing with my girls hair - we actually managed to get a LOT of homeschooling done while I was doing their hair! Halimah finished 3 math lessons and Aaliyah finished 3 history lessons in addition to a math lesson. I'm a multi-tasking mama extraordinaire!

Their hair looked absolutely gorgeous for at least an hour. Since I didn't use any hairspray or gel, the curls fell into lovely looking waves. I would LOVE to get a smaller curling wand for tighter curls (particularly because I'm a wizard when it comes to up-do's). I look forward to posting the results from the flat iron when I get around to using that!


  1. Woah, those are some incredible curls!

  2. Mashallah that's long hair... what do u use in their hair to grow?

    1. Masha'Allah - I don't use anything in their hair. Thankfully, too, because with all this hair it would be expensive if I did use something! :D


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