Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 04/07

Today marks 9 weeks on my journey... In a word? WOW!

Since I've been doing remarkably well I've been taking peeks on the scale quite regularly just to "see" how I'm doing. Ordinarily I would strongly advise against this because weight does vary from day to day (some days you just weigh a bit heavier than you really are). It can be a major discouragement to see no loss (or worse a gain) when you've been eating very healthy and exercising religiously! In fact in my previous weight-loss attempts in the last 3 years I had given up because I wasn't losing according to the scale and I was working sooooo hard (probably too hard if I'm being completely honest).

This week I noticed my weight wasn't budging from day to day; I immediately knew the problem. I was working out just a little harder than in previous weeks but wasn't compensating by increasing my nutrition just a little. My calorie deficits were too high so my body did the compensating for me. I made it a point to eat just a bit more on a couple days {all healthy calories - such as an apple with almond butter - my new favorite snack)!

This week I've done all my walking/jogging at home on the treadmill. My feet feel significantly better on the treadmill than outside on the sidewalk (concrete is actually the hardest surface for a runner). Some people think jogging on the treadmill is easier - but for me it's so much harder. Outside you can naturally adjust your pace - going faster or slower depending on how your body feels. While you can adjust the speed on the treadmill it's a small hassle. I also lose the sense of accomplishment and motivation I get from jogging outside... being able to tell myself, "3 laps done! Only 3 more to go!" Or, "You're almost there; keep pushing! Just 1/2 a block to go!"

On the treadmill I feel like Dory from Nemo, "Just keep jogging, just keep jogging, just keep jogging, jogging, jogging... What do we do? We jog, jog, jog."

I've noticed from my heart rate monitor report (at least when it comes to the treadmill) I'm not burning any more calories on my longer jog days than I do on my short jog days - because I'm walking and jogging at roughly the same speed. Once I get my heart rate up from the jog - it continues to stay up when I transition into walking. I've been thinking about doing only short jogs and longer walks on the treadmill since I get the same results. However, I'm concerned I will lose my endurance for the longer jogs if I do this. Hmmmmm...

I've blabbed enough - on to my progress for the week:

Current weight: 249.8
Last week's weight: 252.4

Difference: -2.6 lbs
Total lost: -26.2 lbs

ROCK ON! First of all - GOOD RIDDANCE to the 250's! *insert happy dance*
Second, I've now lost more than 25 pounds in total - AWESOME!
Third, I'm now 1.4 pounds away from losing 10% of my starting body weight!

Dedication and determination continues to pay off!


  1. can't think of anything ese to say than AWESOME !!! I'm looking at the 26.2 total and lol, YAY great !!

  2. You are doing such an amazing job congrats on the loss this week!

  3. YAY! Rock on, sister, rock on! I can't wait to see you in person and give you a big hug. . . :) Insha'Allah after Ramadan!


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