Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 04/28

In Arabic there is an expression, "Tie your camel and then trust to Allah (God)."  Essentially one shouldn't be neglectful of common sense, expecting God will do all the work.  We don't drive around without a seat belt praying that, in the event of an accident, we won't go flying out of the vehicle.  We wouldn't leave our keys in the car ignition and expect the car not to be stolen.  Likewise, we cannot sit around, eat whatever we want and expect to lose weight.   

I've tied my camel (healthy diet with appropriate portions and exercise) - but I have yet to thank God (Allah) for making this journey (thus far) easy for me.  In the past I was tormented by urges to binge eat/drink (soda and coffee drinks).  I would hoard my calories for the day so I could splurge in the evenings or on a special craving (usually sushi).  I'd also get terribly discouraged when the numbers on the scale didn't budge even though I worked hard and ate good.

My hubster once told me, after I was in tears complaining about how hard I worked and I didn't even lose a single pound, "You're probably doing it for the wrong reasons and Allah wants to show you that you're not in control. If He doesn't want you to lose weight - you're not going to lose weight."  I remember being annoyed by these words...

Admittedly, the hubster was right, but it took me a long while before I had the following epiphany; I might be steering my ship but God (Allah) is the water and wind on which I sail and I'm entirely at His Mercy.  This time around I've done things differently, with the right intentions, and it has made all the difference!

Now, for this week's progress...

Current weight: 241.4
Last week's weight: 244.6

Difference: -3.2 lbs
Total lost: -34.6 lbs

*Insert my HUGE GRIN here*

After sneak-peeking on the scale a couple times this week I didn't have much hope for a loss this week.  At one point I inexplicably weighed 250 (5+ pounds heavier than my weigh in last Saturday)... I hadn't wavered from my diet or exercise.  In fact, I exercised a bit longer and harder this week and reached a new personal record (PR) by running 4 miles non-stop!

Once I looked down at the number I was a bit shocked; really, another 3+ pounds?  YAY! I always hope to lose at least 2 pounds each week, but honestly, a loss is a loss even if it's small - it's a step in the right direction!

On the heels of another great week I feel even more motivated than before.  Today is supposed to be my rest day but I have so much energy I'm probably going to take the kids on a bike ride to the park. 

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