Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Weigh in - 05/19

My post today is late.  I decided to stay up until nearly 3am so I could finish reading a book I was engrossed in - resulted in me not waking up until 9am which set the ball in motion for my perpetual lateness today!

My twin nephew's last baseball game was today and I planned to take the kids to the game and awards ceremony... we were supposed to be there at 11am and didn't make it until after noon.  Sadly, however, the awards ceremony was missed by our entire family because my brother failed to read the team email indicating the ceremony was being held at a different location from the game (to his credit, however, the awards ceremony has always been held at the field so he didn't expect this year would be any different).  Fortunately the game wasn't scheduled until 1pm so we were early for that!

It was a truly wonderful and inspiring experience I hope to write about another time (my nephews play on the Miracle League of San Diego for special needs kids).

I'm just now sitting down to relax and get this post up...

This week was great - and I accomplished most of my goals for the week.  I wanted to implement calorie cycling (a couple high calorie days combined with a couple low calorie days) to give my system a little zap to prevent the potential plateau I was heading into.  I managed to have one higher calorie day as opposed to the two days I was aiming for.  I easily managed a few lower calorie days because I just so busy this week and not really in the mood to eat.

I got all my exercise in!  Last Sunday I did a 5 mile run - I know, I already wrote about it - but this is a recap of my week and I just want to say it again!  hehe  I decided my long run days would be Sunday and Wednesday - as these are the best/easiest days for me to go outside running without the kids!  The rest of the week I do various walk/run combinations to give my body a bit of a break/rest from all the running.

My kids have caught the running bug now... My oldest daughter was running outside and I could tell she really wants to do what I do.  I took the kids to the store and bought them all a nice pair of running shoes and we're all going to go on a "run" a few days a week.  They went 1 mile the other day - they walk/ran on and off... my oldest daughter ran about 1/2 of the mile and my younger daughter ran almost the entire way - she's actually pretty fast too!  My son, well, he was hilarious because he's not used to his shoes and he kept tripping over his own feet

Progress for this week...

Current weight: 237.6
Last week's weight: 239.4

Difference: -1.8 lbs
Total lost: -38.4 lbs

Excited to see the numbers budged... although, even if they hadn't - I wasn't really concerned because I know I'm doing everything I should be doing.  I'm still putting in the time and effort; eating healthy and exercising smarter (instead of going to gung-ho as I've done in the past only to burn myself out).

My friend invited me to a Zumba class tonight so my sister in law are going together... I'm fairly certain it's going to be a lot of fun (and I could really use some extra energy tonight)!

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