Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Weigh In (Long Overdue) - 08/11

I'm not entirely sure where to begin.  As you can tell, I've been a bit of slacker with my weekly weigh-in posts for a month!  NO; I did not fall off the wagon!  I've been just as committed to this journey as I was when I first started back on February 4th of this year.  However, life happens and I haven't had the opportunity to blog about it.

The last week couple weeks have been a bit of a hot mess!  Ramadan (the month Muslims fast from dawn to sunset) started a few weeks ago... I love Ramadan, don't get me wrong - but my comfortable schedule gets turned upside down.  I get very little sleep, anywhere from 3-5 hours... I don't do well with less than 6 hours of sleep - so I'm in a perpetual state of crankiness. 

Truthfully, I was concerned with how Ramadan would affect my weight loss efforts.  Since I am unable to eat/drink during the day - I couldn't continue with my daytime workout routine.  I refused to stop exercising; primarily because I LOVE exercising and I wanted to keep up my endurance.  I shifted my workouts from the day to very late at night, after breaking my fast and allowing the food to settle.  I also reevaluated my 5 day a week exercise commitment...  I conceded, at least during Ramadan, it was probably best if I adopted an every other day approach instead - which, I only adhered to for the first week... I quickly went back to my 5+ days a week routine instead.

My plans were further altered when I realized hubby would be home in the evenings during my runs on the treadmill.  I love my hubby but I just feel weird about running in front of him.  I also felt weird about running outside so late at night - but given a choice between the two - I'll run outside. 

My first run outside was surprisingly uncomfortable!  While I don't have any "off limits" foods, I don't eat fried food often (particularly because it makes me feel uncomfortable).  However, that day the kids and I were craving taquitos!  Let's just say it wasn't the wisest meal choice before a run.  After a mile and half my tummy started revolting and continued to hurt the remaining 3 miles of my run - it was one of my most uncomfortable runs ever!

Unfortunately, opting for treadmill running the last several weeks has really impacted my road running ability/pace.  Starting out as a "road runner" - I used to find it easier than running on the treadmill.  Now, however, I find running on the treadmill is easier and I'm significantly faster, too.  I'm able to keep a 10:00 - 11:00 min pace (5.5 - 6 mph) on the treadmill... whereas I'm fighting with myself to run a 12:00 min pace (5 mph) out on the road.

Earlier this week I injured my leg/calf.  I truly cannot recall at what point in my run that my leg started hurting, and it wasn't a terrible pain at the time, so I continued on and finished out my run.  The next day my leg was uncomfortable but I had planned to walk that evening so I figured I would be okay.  As I set out on my walk that night, my leg started hurting about 3/4 a mile into my walk.  In hindsight I should have turned around and went straight home - but as stubborn as I can be about my exercising - I continued on.  By the time I reached 3 miles - my leg was really sore.  I was tempted to call my hubby to come and pick me up because I couldn't imagine walking another 3 miles back home.  Quite stupidly, I decided to turn around and slowly run back to shorten the time it would take to get home.  My leg didn't hurt worse with the running so I continued running for 1.5 miles before I finally stopped and walked the remainder of the way home.  I REALLY should have stopped and called for a ride.  While I miraculously made it home - it was not without consequences!

The days that followed brought a great deal of pain.  I elevated my leg and continued to ice it for more than half the day for 3 days.  I purchased a compression sleeve and, based on a friend's recommendation, a roll of kinesiology tape (I opted for the Rock Tape brand since there were more positive reviews for this product).

I tried to go to the doctor to determine what specific injury I had - but that was a complete waste of time as the doctor wanted to send me for an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot in my leg.  Good grief - I injured my leg running - I don't have a personal or family history of blood clots - so the probability of having a blood clot is less than 0.5%.  I tried to suggest it was likely a tear (strain) - but the doctor said, "If it is, there's nothing we do about it."  *Insert my eye rolling here*

I'll try to wrap this up... rest, the compression sleeve, kinesiology tape, elevation, ice and more importantly LOTS of prayer - and I'm pain free as of late yesterday and today.  I'm going to try to go for a walk tonight - but if I feel even a twinge of pain I'm stopping, promise!

I did narrow down the causes of the injury...

1) I ran 9 miles two days before the injury, walked 5 miles the day before, ran 5+ miles the day of the injury and walked 6 miles the day after.  Overuse is a bit of an understatement.  (Just to make sure you didn't miss that - I ran 9 miles!!!!  How awesome am I?  LOL) 

2) While my shoes were closing in on their mileage lifespan - I didn't initially suspect them as the reason.  However, after going back over all my mileage - I was very close to hitting 300 miles on these shoes.  Being a heavier runner - the shoes clearly get a bit more wear and tear than someone weighing significantly less than me.  I looked up how to "test" the shoes for signs they needed to be replaced... I twisted my right shoe and it still felt firm (as it is supposed to) - I twisted my left shoe and it completely twisted without any difficulty.  Ok, so the cushioning in the left shoe was gone (I injured my left leg) - so clearly this, in addition to doing a bit too much caused the problem.

As far as my diet goes - things are still going strong!  I know most Muslims think they will lose weight during Ramadan because they're fasting all day; yet year after year they're bewildered as to why they gain weight...  Well, I can easily tell them why - they're eating way too much food and are a little too sendentary.  When you fast, you have this mental notion that you must eat more in the morning to help you feel full for as long as possible throughout the day - and splurge in the evening because, well, you've fasted all day!

Depending on what one eats - this is not necessarily true!  I decided to stick with my usual breakfast and eat my usual portions in the evening... when I tallied up the calories/points - I was surprised to see how close to my daily "allowance" I was.   

How is that possible?  Dates, milk (or in my case, almond milk), juices/smoothies and the many little odds and ends that typically accompany the evening meal when breaking the fast add up very quickly.  Many families serve some sort of fried/heavy appetizer like samosas, egg rolls or stuffed breads.  Additionally, there are usually sweets laden with butter, sugar and nuts.  A couple pieces of each of these items added to one's meal, along with milk and dates (the typical way the fast is broken) and one can come really close to exceeding their daily caloric intake in just one sitting!

Physical activity is also a bit decreased when you're fasting because you tire too easily during the day.  I'm fairly active however simple errands like grocery shopping, when fasting, can be quite exhausting. 

Thankfully, I'm mindful of what and how much I'm eating.  I've had an occasional cookie, a TINY slice of pie, or a nibble from a very rich dish - but I track everything and make sure not to exceed my limits. 

Talk much?  Yes, I've carried on a wee bit too much... just trying to fill you all in!

Here's my weekly progress for the last several weeks...

07/07/12 Weight:  220.8
07/14/12 Weight:  218.6 (Difference: 2.2 lbs - Total lost: 57.4 lbs)
07/21/12 Weight:  215.6 (Difference: 3 lbs - Total lost: 60.4 lbs)
07/28/12 Weight:  214 (Difference: 1.6 lbs - Total lost: 62 lbs)
08/04/12 Weight:  213 (Difference: 1 lbs - Total lost: 63 lbs)

Today's weight

08/11/12 Weight:  209.2

Difference: -3.8 lbs
Total lost: -66.8 lbs

Has is been easy?  No!  I've put it a LOT of hard work to get where I am.  Is it rewarding?  ABSOLUTELY!

I honestly wish I could post a picture wearing form-fitted clothes for you to really see the difference (the looser clothes make me look bigger)!  My legs look incredibly AH-MAZING despite still weighing more than 200 pounds!  I am consistently wearing a size LARGE; I still cannot get over it.  In years past I couldn't wear a size large even when I weighed in the low 190's - so to be the weight I am and wear a size large is a huge accomplishment for me!  It could be the vanity sizing these days - but I'll take it; thank you very much!

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