Monday, October 17, 2022

The Labels We Carry

Every week, the Executive Director for one of the schools I work for sends a Monday Motivation email.  There's always a positive, uplifting message to take away.  This week's post was a VIDEO that made me cry because I had just been thinking about this very idea yesterday as I went to the gym for the first time.  For the first 15 minutes all I could focus on were the demons in my head telling me that everyone was judging me and how pathetic I must have looked.  

Instead of continuing to get caught up in the negative thoughts about what others may or may not think, I decided to shut out those thoughts and replace them with positive ones; it made a big difference!

We all carry negative thoughts and self-doubt, but if we could replace them with positivity instead, what a difference we can make.  What are some negative thoughts you've been carrying with you that you need to let go of?

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