Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a nutshell - homeschooling is one great adventure! I like to believe that children learn from the moment they are born; life, itself, is one BIG learning experience. So, technically, we’ve been “homeschooling” since birth!

When the idea that I would have to “formally” teach my children at home came into play I was concerned... I wasn’t quite sure where to begin! I tend to do well with schedules and organized plans - rather than just approach things willy nilly.

Thankfully we discovered a wonderful online schooling option where I’m supplied all the course materials, a general outline/daily schedule, etc... So, rather than spend countless hours developing my own lesson plans and gathering resources - I can spend time being my children’s “learning coach.”

It’s such an amazing experience watching my children get excited about learning something new; so have fun learning with us!

If you want to learn more about the program we're using visit the K12 website I highly recommend their program thus far!

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