Monday, March 22, 2010

A Wee Bit Polar?

As previously mentioned in my “about me” opening – I have been formally diagnosed with a mental illness. Considering my reader base is all of about 5 people or less I feel comfortable enough to be candid, after all, being able to talk about it helps me cope.

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. For many years I was misdiagnosed with depression, mostly because I wasn’t as forthcoming with my doctors as I should have been but thankfully I found an AMAZING doctor last year and I was able to be fully upfront with her about my symptoms, etc… I’m now on the right track to getting the help I’ve needed for years!

Although I do experience depressive episodes from time to timed I mostly cycle through manic states and I tend to be in a constant state of irritability and agitation – the smallest thing will set me over the edge! Try dealing with that and having small children where every small thing they do can drive you insane! It’s been a rough few years since having kids, that’s for sure – but in their defense it hasn’t been easy having me as a mom either!

So, this is just a little back ground on where I’m coming from mentally – so sometimes if I rant and it seems like I’ve lost touch with reality – I probably have. It takes me a little while to reconnect with planet Earth from time to time… I trust you’ll help me!

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