Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Back on Track - Take 2

Last week I got the bad news that I was pre-diabetic (because one of my regular medications can cause diabetes). My labs also indicated I was very anemic - which I've had problems with for years. Of course my doctor and I will have to evaluate my medications and work on an alternative that won't cause diabetes, but I needed to make some serious life changes.

I rededicated myself to getting back on track. No more oh-so-delicious Starbucks Carmel Frappaccino's and McDonald's Caramel Frappé's for me. No more Coke or Diet Coke (doctor said I can't even drink diet soda because it's not healthy and can be contributing to my anemia - something to do with iron absorption). I reintroducted myself to healthy whole-grains, veggies, fruits, and lean protein.

It's been a little more than a week and I'm doing great! Of course I have a long road ahead but I have a good routine already established!

I wake up at 4:30am ish everyday- yeah, early I know! I pray, read Qur'an, make remembrance - there's no better way to start your day than remembering Allah (God). Afterwards I jump on the treadmill for an hour - for now I'm just walking but as I shed more weight and get more energy I hope to jog and eventually run. The most important thing is that I exercise EVERY day!

I'm taking a lot of supplements for the time being- B Complex vitamins to help with energy, Chromium GTF to help with my blood sugar, Iron to help with my anemia (although someone told me my anemia may not be related to iron deficiency but something else), and a Multi-vitamin.

I'm "eating" breakfast religiously. Since I'm not really hungry at 6am when I finish my workout I have a high protein shake as a meal replacement (Muscle Milk - this stuff tastes great) and I blend in some strawberries for a little vitamin c boost!

I'm not on a typical high protein (aka Atkins) diet. The doctor did advise me that a high protein diet would be very beneficial for me. Protein helps keep you feeling fuller longer... there are lots of other key points to having a diet rich in protein. So, for the time being I'm trying to eat a lot of protein - I still eat carbs but I eat complex carbs from whole grains, fruits and veggies instead of from refined sugar, etc... basically anything naturally occurring.

I've already lost 9 pounds this week - but I always lose a lot of weight the first 2 weeks then I level off at around 2-3 pounds a week.

Here's to the beginning of my journey!

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