Sunday, July 25, 2010

Showing Gratitude..

I’ve recently learned from an awesome book, The Emotional Toolkit: Seven Power-Skills to Nail your Bad Feelings that having a gratitude journal is one way to increase one’s happiness. I wholeheartedly understand why acknowledging those things for which you are grateful for is so important to happiness... oftentimes it’s the little things that matter and recognizing those can be just as important.

In an effort to show more gratitude I’d like to reflect weekly on one thing I’m grateful for.

First and foremost I’m grateful for Allah (God). I already teeter on the brink of insanity most days but it is Allah who keeps me grounded. Without Him I would be a complete mess. Of course, I tend to take Him for granted more often than not - and I’m slowly trying to fix that great flaw of mine. However, I’m grateful that no matter what happens in this life I can always turn to and depend on Allah. He is truly my strength in times of weakness and difficulty. I can talk to Him anytime, 24/7. He alone knows my heart and all my intentions, for I have many good intentions - just haven’t had the ability to execute them all.

I pray I will forever be grateful for everything Allah has done for me and will do for me in the future.

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  1. What you wrote is so true.. we're so used to having everything we need, we don't feel to be continuously grateful for it, which is wrong. And we see it when suddenly something so "normal" becomes unreachable for us.

    It's a great reminder, and as you're saying may Allah let us remind ourselfs to always be grateful and also know that it's all due to Allah that we have everything we have in the first place !!!


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