Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Weigh In

Today is my new weigh in day... I was initially on Monday's, then switched to Thursday's but changed to Fridays's because the days I tend to eat a little more is on the weekend and I always end up weighing heavier after the weekend. Don't get me wrong - I stick to the Weight Watchers plan like super glue - but if/when I delve into my weekly points, it's always on the weekend.

Going into today's weigh in I'm a little apprehensive because all week I've been weighing heavier than I should be. I've been feeling a little bloated from what I suspect is PMS - so last night I ran to the drugstore and picked up some water pills to hopefully help cut back on the bloat and shed any excess water weight.

I do know with all the exercise lately I'm rebuilding some lean muscle - and muscle does weigh more that fat. I've also noticed my pants are starting to feel a lot looser - and some pants I couldn't really wear I can wear now. YAY!

Ok, so now it's time to weigh in - the results...

Current weight: 250
Last week's weight: 251.4

Difference: -1.4 lbs
Total lost: -17 lbs

PHEW! Now, truth be told I was really hoping to finally be below 250... however, I'm really excited to see a bigger loss than last week. I've worked really hard! Now, if I can only stop myself from peaking on the scale so much, I'm obsessed!

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