Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's official - I'm very annoyed/frustrated/angry! Yesterday I weighed at the same time I always do wearing the same thing (nothing - lol) and I technically didn't lose any weight. So why did I report I lost 1.6 pounds yesterday - well, I took a sneak peak on Thursday morning at the same time and I weighed 248.4. I knew there was no way I was suddenly 2 pounds heavier overnight - so that's the weight I decided to record.

Well... today I wanted to see what the scale said just to make sure I had an accurate weight and guess what the good scale had to say this morning? 246.2! Are you serious? On my actual weigh in day I lose nothing - but the day before I lose 1.6 pounds and the day after I would have lost 3.8 pounds!

I'll stick with the weight I previously recorded (248.4) - but now I'm beginning to wonder whether the numbers are accurate at all! I've worked really hard all week - so the 3.8 pounds sounds about right because I walked 30+ miles and worked out 10+ hours. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how next week turns out. ARGH!


  1. Daily fluctuations are so common in weight loss! If they frustrate you, work really hard at restricting yourself to one weigh in a week. Or, weigh in daily and use a chart to see the trend over time. A daily weigh in is just a snapshot of that moment, and as such is not a snapshot of the big picture. Don't let one day of weird numbers on the scale get you down! You are headed in the right direction, and keep your eye on that. :)

  2. Thanks Nicole for the positive outlook... I'll do my best to stick to a one day a week weigh in - but I may also consider weighing the day before and the day after just to get a more accurate read... I'm also going to try and stop being a slave to the scale! Easier said than done - but in the long run - I'm working really hard and I know I'm doing everything right - so no matter what the scale says I know I'm successful!


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