Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iPhone 4 or iPhone 4g/5?

A few weeks ago Apple replaced my iPhone 3G because I was having issues with it. It was nice that they replaced the phone with a new one, but I was still stuck with the outdated 3G model. Bummer! I really need an upgraded iPhone - why? Well, because I'm a brat. And... I could use the newer features.

Yesterday I wanted to use two apps at the same time - which you're not able to do on the iPhone 3G. I wanted to be able to listen to something while I went on my walk but I also needed to use a tracking app to record the time and distance of my walk. With the new iPhone you can do "multi-tasking" so you are able to use more than 1 app at a time.

Today I wanted to video record Ilyas and his temper tantrums so I could post it to the blog so you could all witness what I have to go through several times a day, every day. Unfortunately, the iPhone 3G doesn't have video options but the new phone does.

I've already made up my mind to upgrade. The only downside is I really want the white iPhone and the white iPhone 4 hasn't been released yet. Online rumors suspect it will be released soon - sometime this spring. The question now is whether I should just tough it out for a few more months and wait for the next generation iPhone which is expected to be released in July 2011 (supposedly).

That's my dilemma... what would you do?

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