Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos have officially manifested themselves in my 2 year old. Now, I've been through this twice before with my daughters, each one different from one another. My oldest had outright temper tantrums and would scream and throw herself on the floor, hit her baby sister, etc... My second daughter would cry, cry, cry, and cry some more. In fact, she's still a cry baby and she's almost 5. However, my little man has truly topped the cake with his meltdowns.

First of all, my daughters were going to spend the night with my parents. Naturally, Ilyas was mad when it was time to leave and his sisters weren't coming with us. He began screaming... he proceeded to scream almost the entire 25 minute drive back home until he screamed himself to sleep, literally. Of coarse, as soon as I parked the car at home he started up again! We went inside the house and I quickly ran to my room to change and that's when I started hearing the crashing sounds.

Little man was in a complete RAGE. He was screaming, crying, throwing himself on the floor, then picking himself up only to start throwing anything and everything in sight. By the time I came into the kitchen he had toppled all of my baking pans from the side of the refrigerator where they're kept, he threw glass baking dishes from my cabinets (thankfully, for him, nothing was broken), he threw a couple cookbook AND my LAPTOP from the kitchen counter! I was livid and I admit, I momentarily lost my cool and start screaming too!

It took another 10 minutes before he finally calmed down, ok, including me. My mother is always assuring me that I will miss these times when the kids are young - but my assurances are - I most definitely will not miss this age!

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