Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Funnies

Kids say and do the funniest things - and oftentimes they don't realize how funny it is. In an effort to preserve the evidence against my kids - I'm going to blog a weekly recap of their funniest moments. For those who follow me personally on Facebook - these may be repeats for you - but figured you'll enjoy one last laugh before next week's round.

The 'stache!

Ilyas and permanent markers/pens are almost magnetic... no matter how hard I try to hide them - he will ALWAYS find one. I've actually thrown most of them away because he LOVES to color on EVERYTHING (seriously, you name any surface - and he's colored on it). I suppose he really wanted to be my, "Little Man."

If there's one child I can count on to say the funniest things - it's Miss Halimah. She has some of the best one-liners - and she's taken my side of the family's humor and quick-witted responses...

Halimah: "I don't get the part of the English in English muffin. Does it talk?"

Last, but not least is a wonderful gem of a video. Aaliyah, quite surprisingly, loves to take out the portable DVD player (we don't have a TV in our home) and put on my Jillian Michaels torture *ahem* exercise DVD's. She hasn't done these particular videos in a couple weeks so I was tickled to see her doing them again. However, she took it a step further and rolled up her tank top so she could emulate the sports bra Jillian was wearing in the video. Enjoy!


  1. Hehe, my kid's are always making mustaches:) I'm your newest GFC, FB and twitter follower from Weekend Hopper Blog Hop! Hope you'll follow me back.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I just followed you back via GFC, Twitter and FB! Looking forward to connect with other homeschooling families!

  3. Oh I know the story of ilyass and felt one day the little man got up rather than the others, he found he felt and hop s' rushed on the walls, the sheets the headset, I think Khalid as Serena or you have tried to clear but it was impossible
    anyway me the day I will paint my house I think I'll keep these little pillowss, it reminds me of your stay with us, we were really happy to have you here, and God willing, another passage strongly in Morocco

  4. Oh Saadia - Khalid and I still feel very bad about Ilyas writing on the walls, gate, sheets and bed at your house! Yes, he still enjoys writing/coloring on everything other than paper... Insha'Allah we will be able to come visit Morocco in another year or two. I asked Khalid to send me and the kids for some time but he said no. :D


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