Friday, November 18, 2011

Giveaway Fever!

A month ago I participated in my very first Twitter party for the book launch of my friend (and former boss) Kelly Wels' book Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering - hosted by The Eco Chic.

I was very excited to support Kelly, she's truly an amazing person. Her book is also an awesome resource and time/frustration saver for parents/caregivers who are new to modern cloth diapering. When I noticed the grand prize for the party was an iPad 2 - I, like everyone else who entered, hoped I would win (but never imagined it would really happen). I tried to talk my hubby into buying one months ago - but he said absolutely not (especially when I had to disclose how much it would cost). HA!

For those who have never participated in a Twitter party - they are a lot of fun. Due to the overwhelming number of people participating - the tweets are non-stop and scrolling so quickly you hardly have enough time to finish reading one tweet. However, I was answering as many questions as I could (being the cloth diaper guru I was for almost 2 years). When the party came to a close - the first place winner was announced and finally - the grand prize - Mr. iPad 2!

I closed my eyes and repeated over and over again, "@serenamichelle...@serenamichelle...@serenamichelle," as I waited for the tweet. I opened my eyes and there was that beautiful tweet:

WINNER of the Grand Prize, Apple iPad2 GOES to the newbie... @serenamichelle !! CONGRATS! DM to confirm!!! #changingdiapers

I truly couldn't believe it! I was so wild with excitement my three kids all came to see what was wrong. It's been a month since that day and I can still feel the rush as if it were yesterday. I'm LOVING the iPad (as are the kids and hubby)! The only problem is now the kids, hubby, and I all want to use it - but there's only one. I have to hear Aaliyah whining on and on about, "It's not fair! I want an iPad too."

Now I have giveaway fever and I've been entering a LOT of giveaways (yes, a few more iPad giveaways too). I won an eBook the other day from Gypsy Mama Logs. This is the BEST time of year for giveaways too because of the holidays and Black Friday... so take a few moments and enter some giveaways - you might just win something fabulous!

PS. Kelly is having a Fluffy Days Sweepstakes and will be giving away another iPad 2!


  1. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  2. I have been entering giveaways like crazy too, and it is paying off. In a recent twitter party I won the changing diapers book, and that is what started it all. Now I am up to a Britax b nimble stroller and a travel crib. Ours is due in march and I'm not slowing down.

    An iPad would be pretty snazzy though. Then my wife could stop stealing my work iPad from me

  3. Sounds like you've scored some really great prizes Josh. Here's to hoping for more! Here's a secret though... since we've been having difficulty sharing the iPad I actually bought another one. I've tucked it away and it's just for me. If you don't win an iPad - maybe you can consider buying one and making your wife one super happy lady! :D


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