Monday, November 21, 2011

Repairing the Right Relationship...

As a Muslim I pray 5 times a day (before sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset and evening), every day. Lately, however, I've been on autopilot - merely going through the motions.

This morning as I stood for prayer in a tired haze Allah/God put the following thought in my head, "What is truly important about prayer is not merely performing the act of prayer, it’s the quality of your prayer." For a moment I was literally breathless. The tears began to flow as the guilt nestled in my chest.

Sure, I pray all my prayers every day… but do I truly PRAY? The honest answer? No. Please don't think I'm advocating abandoning prayer even if you feel like you’re going through the motions… it's still important to establish prayer, even if it's inadequate. Despite my defective prayers, Allah has chosen to show me what meaningful prayer is. I cried, in prostration, like a baby! How Glorious Allah/God is (Subhan’Allah).

Throughout our lives we will spend countless hours building friendships and relationships with people. We talk on the phone, send emails or Facebook each other. We schedule dates to get together with friends for tea/coffee, lunch/dinner, or shopping. Some people even schedule intimate time with their spouses! However, when it comes to prayer - we probably only spend 5 minutes at best (and sadly, some don't pray at all).

Prayer is our relationship builder with Allah/God. It's time to start repairing and building the right relationship first- the rest will follow!


  1. A most beautiful post, Serena. And by the way, I love the bio you've written, and I, too, home-schooled my children, and remember that there were NO days off for me!

    If you get a chance, come by BlogHer to read some of my posts. *Smiling!*


  2. Thank you very much Virginia! I can't seem to find you on BlogHer - although I did find your blogger blog from your profile... can you give me the link for BlogHer? :D Keep up the hard work with "dieting" and exercise - it's a long road, but when you finally reach the destination - it's soooo worth it! -Serena

  3. I find you on BlogHer - I will definitely look forward to your return to blogging! :D


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