Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sadly Entertaining...

The acoustics in my neighborhood are quite frustrating because none of the homes are insulated. Living in a corner home doesn't help either. I can practically hear a pin drop outside. While there are advantages - such as distinguish when USPS, UPS or the FedEx truck has arrived (um, yeah, I order a lot of stuff online), for the most part it's undesirable being able to hear conversations of passerby's or a dog barking 2 blocks away (and knowing my neighbors can hear me when I'm yelling - even with the doors and windows closed)!

Shortly after I woke up this morning (about 6am) I was alarmed when I heard screaming. I immediate went to look outside my bedroom window. If there's one thing my mom taught me well - it's to be discreet. I lifted the blind ever so slightly - just enough to see what's happening - but not so it's noticeable from outside. There was a woman and a man arguing in the middle of the street. They were both yelling at each other at the same time so I had no idea what they were fighting about (not that it really mattered and I honestly didn't want to know) - my main concern was whether the lady was safe or in danger.

I watched them argue for a couple minutes while I contemplated calling the police - depending on whether the fight would escalate. It was sadly entertaining watching the woman swing her great big purse and yell, "I hope you DIE!" The guy stormed off across the side street towards his truck and hollered at her the entire time which she continued down the street.

While all this is happening - I noticed my neighbors directly across the street and catty-corner from my house peering out of their blinds. I giggled a little because
they were so obvious about it; sweeping their blinds open with huge dark gaps as they peered out to see what was going on. We all waited until the guy drove off and the woman continued walking in the opposite direction.

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