Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ever Regret a Purchase?

Typically I make informed decisions when I shop- even on everyday items like detergent or toilet paper. For the most part, I shop online because going to the store with my three kids is a migraine waiting to happen!

Unfortunately, there are times when shopping in-store would be more ideal but what I need is only available online. Shortly after my little man turned 2 I started stocking up on cloth training pants. Having worked in the cloth diaper "business" for more than a year knew which ones I wanted - Little Beetle Learners.

Having already potty trained my daughters - these were everything I wish I had in a trainer back in the day (the aggravation from watching the girls pee on the carpet was almost more than I could bear). The oh-so-soft organic cotton velour fabric, absorbent enough to contain a full-accident, snaps on the side for easy access in the event of a messy accident, and NOT waterproof. Yes, you read that right - NOT waterproof (I wanted to know when he had an accident - and I wanted him to be aware of it too).

However, given the higher price tag, especially on something I wasn't going to use nearly as long as cloth diapers - I couldn't justify dropping a small fortune on an entire stash all at one time. I bought them 3 at a time - every few months. I ordered the size large because after carefully reading all the reviews many people indicated the trainers ran small and shrunk a bit when washed (and my little man was already above the weight range for the size large).

When the first order of trainers arrived I was concerned they were too big, but assured myself they would be fine once I washed them a few times and they shrunk a bit. Fast forward several months and 9 pairs of trainers later - we're ready to start potty training again. I prep all the trainers (about 5-6 wash/dry cycles) and lo and behold - the trainers are still too big. Frog legs and fiddle sticks!!!

A slight panic set-in... the trainers couldn't be returned because I had already washed them. What to do what to do? Being the brilliant problem-solver I am, I whipped out my snap pliers and plastic snaps and started adding extra snaps on the sides hoping to make the trainers fit better. Initially, I admired my handiwork, the trainers did fit much better. Two minutes later, however, we're back to saggy, ballooning training pants. Curses!

The little voices in my head finally had me concede to defeat. I ordered a medium pair to see how they fit - go figure, a perfect fit! Just snug enough to not sag and balloon, but still able to easily be pulled up and down. Thankfully I can sell the large training pants and order new medium sized ones without losing too much money.

No folks, the frustration doesn't stop there! I also ordered two pairs of custom knitted wool pants from Etsy - so he can wear his training pants outside the house (wool, for those who don't know, is waterproof). I was excited to finally receive the first pair the other day as I had been waiting a couple weeks....

They were too big! The rise was about 1.5" too high (I could have pulled them up to just below his chest) and the legs a tad too long (I wanted them longer so he could grow into them - but I had to cuff them twice in order to fit properly). Also there was no stretch to the elastic waistband at all - it was simply too loose. The knitting was also too loose - I could see through the knitting in some areas.

***Cue the flying monkeys***

I'm wholeheartedly regretting this purchase. While I would have no hesitations in trying to resolve the problem with a company - this is just an individual person trying to make a little extra money by selling their skills/creations through Etsy. However, on the other hand - it's not like I have money to throw away and chalk it up as a loss...

What would you do? Have you ever regretted an Etsy purchase? Did you do something about it?


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