Saturday, December 10, 2011

LOVE: Cost Plus World Market

I've been itching to go to Cost Plus World Market for YEARS! It's not too far (there are a few locations within 15-20 minutes of where I live) - however, since it's not conveniently situated in my general network of stores, I have yet to go.

Months ago I came across an ad online for a simple, but colorful set of stackable mugs. I desperately needed a new set of mugs because mine were all discolored on the inside. I would be so embarrassed when I served friends tea in them because I didn't want them to think the cups were dirty. However, for whatever reason I didn't order them online at the time (probably because I had already ordered too much stuff).

A few weeks ago I remembered those cute little mugs and searched online - discovering they were at Cost Plus World Market. I couldn't find a free shipping offer or decent enough discount to make it worth ordering online - so I called my sister to find out if she's ever seen them in the store (she regularly shops there - in fact, she buys almost all her gifts there - and I always love what she buys for us). Yes, they do have them in the store. YAY! Now, the challenge is finding the time to get to the store...

Today my sister forwarded me an email from Cost Plus World Market - and guess what was on sale?!? My mugs! 20% off for 2 days only (12/10/11 - 12/11/11) only $10.39! I was glad I had errands to run because now I had an excuse to sneak on over to the store...

I was running late so I couldn't stay to check out all the AMAZING things - but as soon as I walked into the store I realized I could easily spend 2+ hours here discovering some really great stuff. Oodles and oodles of beautiful scarves in gorgeous colors - home decor, food, cooking gadgets, etc... I was in love and I had spent less than 5 minutes walking through the store!

I'm determined to go back next week when I can get someone to watch my little ones so I can shop til my heart's content.

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