Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homeschooling is Pure Entertainment!

Homeschooling my kids has been an entertaining experience. Is it frustrating at times? Absolutely. However, I've laughed so many times it's almost worth the frustration.

Last week Miss Halimah met with her "check-up" teacher to assess her for her first grade courses. I brought her to the assessment confident she would do extremely well (based on her performance at home thus far). Unfortunately in the beginning she was a bit shy, during the middle she started getting sassy and was making mistakes, and by the end she wasn't paying attention.

She had to read a sentence: "Jack and Bess..."

However, Miss Halimah consistently mixes up the sounds P, B and D - and every now and then substitutes the short I sound for E. Instead of reading "Bess" she read "Piss." I tried very hard not to laugh out loud (especially considering we were in the library). I looked across the table at the teacher and noticed her trying not to laugh too; then I lost it. I laughed - then she started laughing... it was a minute or two before we stopped. All the while Miss Halimah is asking, "What? What's so funny?"

Fast forward to today... Miss Halimah had to take her unit test in phonics. As I previously mentioned - she tends to mix up P, B, and D. Her spelling word was PITCH - below is what she wrote (and proceeded read out loud):


  1. Aww, lol :D it's true what they say, they really do come out with the funniest thing's! Bless her!

  2. Hi there.. it is true.. I used to be a home schooling sped teacher in Malaysia.. I like it a lot. I have upcoming projects regarding homeschooling, etc to be published in my blog soon, and I would like to connect with you since we have the same passion for this. I hope you wont mind if i grab your button..

    1. Hi MariaAna! I look forward to your homeschool projects on your blog! Of course you're more than welcome to grab my button! :D


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