Thursday, April 12, 2012

NO Excuses!

Today was a bad day. From the moment I woke up I wasn't feeling myself {PMS = cramps and irritability}. Additionally, the kids failure to listen to me repeatedly resulted in another broken mirrored closet door... it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

Honestly, I probably screamed for 10 minutes straight. I then put myself in a mental time out for a couple hours - I just couldn't look at my kids without being so incredibly upset and wanting to cry. Again, today was a bad day.

I felt physically and emotionally drained all day. I REALLY didn't want to exercise today - I didn't have any energy or motivation. I thought I would try to work out in the afternoon but didn't. I took a nap instead.

By the time I woke up it was time to make dinner. I started bargaining with myself... "Oh, Serena, it's okay if you skip today! You worked really hard this week... you already burned more calories this week than previous weeks."

Given my schedule for Friday I wouldn't be able to make up the day tomorrow. I debated with myself for at least an hour before I finally decided to JUST DO IT! It was 9pm when I got dressed, got on the treadmill and started walking.

Others have said it before me and others are going to say it after me - but NO EXCUSES folks!

Not in the mood? Well, sometimes I'm not in the mood to do laundry but it still has to get done.

Feeling irritable? Well, take out some of the anger and anxiety on the treadmill - you'll probably feel better for it.

It's too late? Well, you had an hour and a half nap - so if you stay up a little later tonight that's okay.

For every excuse there is a stronger argument against it! I made a commitment to exercise 5 days a week - period! I have kept that commitment for nearly 10 weeks for the exception of missing 2 days in February because I had the flu (I had a fever and was taking decongestants -- you're not supposed to exercise when you have a fever or if you're taking a decongestant).

The next time you find yourself coming up with excuses - STOP! One day quickly turns into two, a week quickly turns into a month and you'll find yourself a year (or more) from now with nothing more than regrets. Trust me, I've already been there, many times!


  1. I'm so sorry you had one of those crazy days, I have days like those as well I love my kids but mental time out does a mother good :P anyways your post just gave me motivation to get off my butt and go workout, I've been making excuses all day. And so true that one day does turn into a week and then more. Great blog post!

    1. Yes, I love my kids my dearly - but wow, some days... that is one of the reasons I named my blog "Surviving Madness" because raising kids is pure madness as times! :D

      I'm really excited to be able to motivate someone. Deep down I'm hoping I'll motivate my mom as well - but she's not quite there yet!

      Thank you so much for your comment - it really does mean the world to me that there are people out there who hear me and can totally relate or apply what I say to their self!

  2. I can relate to this because there are days when Im not in the mood for anything...Sometimes even putting one foot in front of another seems like an ordeal

    1. Carmen - YES!!! I've been through that feeling many times. There was a time when I would wake up every morning and cry at the incredibly overwhelming thought of having to get out of bed. While I hope I don't ever feel like that again - I know that in spite of the self struggle - I just have to trudge on, especially when I don't feel like it!

      I ALWAYS feel significantly better after working out - so if it means I walk instead of run - at least it's a step forward and who knows - by the end I might find myself running after all!

      If you're having more bad days than good - and struggle day to day - I would strongly advise seeing your doctor as it's definitely a sign that something more serious is going on. Of course, I would always be more than happy to lend an "ear" if you need it!

  3. I can see myself in your mirror.... As we are moms that home school we have to have the kids 24/7 with us and that is mentally and psychically so exhausting but Alhamdulillah we are trying to raise better kids that will grow up and be good Muslims inshallah. Too many times i had felt like i just want to get out and never come back.... others i had cried desperately like a baby because i am just so tired of my kids fighting with each other and not listening to me at all. Just think that in Allah's eyes nothing that we suffer for in this dunia goes unaccounted so inshallah he is cleaning some of your sins giving you some struggle.... I know... I know.... it's not easy because i am in the same situation as you and i can relate A LOT... but as your sister i just like to remind you that it could be worst... That maybe you or your kids could be very kids or maybe you didn't even have kids.... Allah blessed us with them so we have to be so grateful and just make dua to Allah to lessen our struggles... He listen when we do it from our heart. I am so happy you kept going with your routine even when you were totally not in the mud.. because is so true one day becomes 2 and so on and then you are out of shape and just give up.... So YAY for you and because no matter what life throws at us we always keep going.

    1. I'm always totally honest in how I feel - and yes, there were many times when I thought about just picking up and going far, far away... thankfully, however, I realized I'd still have problems and life wouldn't be any easier - if anything it would be harder.

      Insha'Allah the sacrifice we make will have long term rewards, not only in our children and who they become but in our personal accounts with Allah (God)! At this point, I can use all the credit I can get! :D

      I do my best to not let the "mom guilt" sneak in and consume me. I think I'm going to post about this - because it's something that affects every single mother!

      I'm going to keep on truckin' - when it's hard I'm going to just take it one day at a time and eventually it'll be back to normal!

  4. I would just like to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. Entering giveaways, I have ended up with a million zillion ka-trillion blogs in my reader, and most of it is the "same post/diff blogger" thing. So you are a breath of fresh air. I love that you are so honest. Even when you write about having a hard time of things, it inspires me that you keep getting back in it to try again. It definitely makes me want to do the same thing. Thanks again....

    1. WOW Stacie, thanks so much for your truly wonderful comment! I, too, have ended up with TONS of blogs I subscribed to via email... everyday I'm deleting more than 100 emails without opening a single post because it's mostly about store deals, coupons or other things that aren't very applicable to me. I really enjoy blogging about LIFE and it really means a LOT to me that you (and others) truly appreciate it! Inspiring even one person makes blogging totally worth it!

      Again, many many thanks!

  5. I'm a little late reading your blog, but I did it! YOU ARE A WONDERFUL,CARING, INSPERATIONAL WOMAN! I love your blog, and I love how you let it all out. You are on a incredible journey. Its not about that one failure, its about all those acomplishments you have achieved. We all have those days, but thankfully we know how to pick our selves up and recover from them. Have a wonderful week Serena :)


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