Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 04/14

I had one of “those weeks.” I don’t usually get PMS symptoms, for the exception of cramps, however this week I was on a never ending emotional roller coaster! Extreme irritability, anger/rage, frustration, hopelessness, depressed, resentment, sensitive, I believe you get the idea...

We finally made it to Spring Break! I cherish breaks from school. As a homeschooling mama break-time means I get a bit more free time to read, visit with friends, and/or catch up with projects. Unfortunately it was probably one of the worst weeks I’ve had this year (given my aforementioned mood swings coupled with the kids refusal to listen to me and their incessant fighting).

On the positive side - I didn’t budge when it came to my eating this week. I’ve always been an emotional eater. However, I managed to keep it together this week without burying my face in a bag of chips, a half-gallon of ice cream, 3-4 rolls of sushi and gulping down 3 cans of Coke, one after another! The fact I didn’t even have the desire to - is a HUGE accomplishment, in and of itself!

Other great things that happened this week...

1. My feet are 95% back to normal (almost pain-free)! I bought a pair of Kendall GelThotics for my shoes and I believe they are helping. I managed to jog outside once this week (instead of on the treadmill) and I didn’t feel any pain.

2. I burned a total of 5,100 calories from exercise and strength training this week! WOAH - that a LOT of calories!

3. I lost a total of 12.75” in one month. I didn’t take my measurements when I first started - which I sort of regret now. I measured myself last month on 03/11/12, about 5 weeks after I started. My biggest areas of loss? Chest (lost 3.5”), waist (lost 2.75”) and my lower thigh (lost 3”).

4. I was able to remove a bra extender from one of my bras yesterday! An awesome non-scale victory! Those 3.5” I lost in my chest are definitely noticeable when it comes to fastening my bras (thankfully the “girls” themselves remain the same - LOL).

My progress for this week...

Current weight: 247.8
Last week's weight: 249.8

Difference: -2 lbs
Total lost: -28.2 lbs

I have officially lost more than 10% of my starting weight (276 = 27.6); another amazing milestone. All of these accomplishments (especially my non-scale victories) definitely keep me feeling determined!

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