Friday, May 4, 2012


In the last few days I've become increasingly annoyed with the plethora of blog posts, Facebook posts and websites promoting products, fad diets, and food programs for weight loss.

Admittedly, I've had my fair share of {expensive} misadventures in weight loss since I was 18 (I'm 33 now) - such as Metabolife 365, Phentermine, the Atkins diet, etc... I desperately wanted to believe in something that would speed up the weight loss process.

The stark reality is there are no supplements, pills, shots, shakes, or fad diets that work.  Deep down I knew this, and I'd venture to say we all know this.  Yes, there will always be someone who swears that this or that helped them in their weight loss.  Ultimately, however, weight loss comes down to the simple and straightforward FACT of less calories in and more calories out (eat less, move more)!

Restricting or eliminating food groups is not the answer! 
Vitamin and/or hormone shots in our rump are not the answer!
Horse-pill sized supplements are not the answer!
Body wraps are not the answer! 
Meal replacement/protein shakes are not the answer!

Proper nutrition (aka a well-balanced diet) and exercise IS the answer!

The money wasted on all this crap could be spent towards buying fresh, healthy food, cooking classes (for those who need a little help in the cooking department), exercise equipment/gym memberships, a well fitted pair of exercise shoes, etc...

In all this frustration I had the following thought:  If you wouldn't allow a child follow this diet or take this supplement/product - then you shouldn't either!!!


  1. I really agree with you. I guak at my husbands thought he could lose a few pounds of water weight with supplements. Eating healthy is key and exercise.

  2. Metabolite 365 made me lose alot of weight and helped me feel great. Since they took it off of the market I gained 60lbs. It sucks!!! I hope they bring it back! People all over were finally losing weight and feeling great! Then they took it away and now the U.S. is the fattest country! The government keeps cigarettes, alcohol on the market which kill millions of people! Second hand smoke kills millions more because of narcissistic smokers who dont care about anybody! At least metabolife helped people feel great and look great! The people who had problems had underlying medical issues and made other people lose their life-line to thinness!

    1. The main ingredient in weight loss pills (such as Metabolife 360) a decade and more ago - was ephedra (ephedrine). Basically it acted like speed - causing an increase in the heart rate as well as metabolism due to thermogenics (which increased weight loss). It was NOT and still is NOT healthy for weight loss, especially long term weight loss.

      The US is one of the fattest countries not because of the ban on ephedrine based weight loss pills but because Americans eat a LOT of processed food, fast food, and live sedentary life styles (driving nearly everywhere). In Europe and other countries people eat lots of fresh food and walk for most day-to-day activities rather than drive.

      I again stand by my assertion - that real weight loss comes from the simple motto of "eat less and move more!" I would also insert - as part of the eating less - eat less but healthier! Diet pills are not the answer!


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