Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cast Your Vote!!!

A couple weeks ago I posted a couple recipes I entered in a recipe contest sponsored by Zuuzs...  Well, the voting for the first part of the contest is now open.  I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could vote for my recipes; I have the potential of winning up to $500 worth of kitchen stuff (not exactly sure how that works, but hey, I love cooking and I love new kitchen stuff - mama could really use some new pots/pans!)  

First up is my Chicken and Artichoke Rice recipe!

Second up is my Moroccan Beet Salad recipe!

Now, here's the downside... You do have to register for in order to vote.  Yes, I know - I really hate signing up for various sites too.  Sign-up is quick and painless, I promise!  You could feel good knowing you're helping me win...

Oh, wait, there's more!  Yes, more!  After you vote you are given the option to share it on Facebook and Twitter... for every share and tweet you post you are entered to win one of 5 $20 Cash (via PayPal) prizes!  There you go, in addition to feeling good about helping me - you get the chance to win $20 just for voting!

AND, if I do happen to win, I promise to do an extra special giveaway for my friends and followers to share the love!

Deal?  Ok then, let's start voting!

PS. You can vote every day!  Increase my chances and yours!


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