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Saturday Weigh In - 05/26

Technically, it's Sunday right now - but my Saturday Weigh In post is late for several reasons...

1) I initially hoped we would go on a mini family vacation this weekend - so I weighed in but decided I would just have to write my post another day.

2) We didn't end up going anywhere and I was a bit mad about it - so I went to run errands instead (I had to take my iPhone to get replaced due to a battery issue and our van's tires needed to be balanced).

3) By the time I got home from the errands I was tired, grumpy, and my head was hurting so I decided to take a nap.  An hour later I woke up from very uncomfortable low abdominal pain (felt like my pelvic area/abdomen was on fire)... I called and booked an urgent care appointment - soonest available was 8pm.  I remained in bed until then!

4) I didn't get home from the doctor until nearly 9:30p.  Although I was very tempted to go to the ER because I was still feeling terrible after my appointment... Urgent care wasn't able to perform an abdominal ultrasound to figure out what's going on down there.  In order to get me through the night/weekend the urgent care doctor gave me a couple shots - pain medication and antibiotics (I have a fever but they're not sure what's causing it without further testing). 

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5) I got into bed just before 11pm with my laptop, determined to get my post up before midnight... when I noticed a small animal dart out from under my dresser!  I screamed and yelled for my hubster to come - I don't think he took me very seriously because he took forever to come and I had to yell twice that there was an animal in my room!  30+ minutes later we (okay, he) managed to get a baby possum out of my room (he ran from the dresser to under my bed - where it was next to impossible to get him out because I have so many secrets boxes under my bed).

It's now well past midnight as I'm finally able to get my post up!  My abdomen still feels very uncomfortable but I'm wide awake given the fact I spent 6+ hours in bed and being startled by having a possum in my room!  GROSS!

This week, on the exercise/weight loss front anyhow, was great!  Last Saturday my SIL and I went to my friend Leti's Zumba class...  it was sooooooo much fun but definitely a workout!  I had never given much thought to fitness classes over the years because I do not want to go to the gym (which is the only place I've ever known these types of classes to be) - but I discovered there are quite a few non-gym places that offer Zumba classes!

Late Saturday night I had a mini mental breakdown... a lack of sleep, lack of food (I didn't eat nearly enough that day), combined with the general messiness of the house (95% because of the kids) and the thought of the zillions of things I had to accomplish on Sunday completely overwhelmed me.  I became a bit hysterical; desperately trying to clean/organize the house at 11:30p while bawling the entire time - it wasn't my finest moment, that's for sure!  Thankfully I have a medication for sedating me when I get "crazy" like that...  it helped me calm down enough so that I wasn't a hot mess!

Unfortunately, however, that medication has major drawbacks (which is why I haven't taken it in a very long time)!  I felt terrible the next day; pounding headache, upset stomach, sluggish, difficulty processing my thoughts, etc..   I did manage to get the house back in order, groceries for the week and the laundry done... I didn't get a much needed nap or my exercise in - but since I had taken the aforementioned Zumba class on Saturday (which is usually my day-off) I opted to take Sunday off and not mentally beat myself up over it.

Monday I felt drastically better...  I waited for hubby to come home from work so I could exercise; I really wanted to go running outside as opposed to the treadmill.  I initially planned to run 4-5 miles but as I started running I talked myself into aiming for my personal goal of running a 10K (6.2 miles).  I figured since I could already run 5+ miles - what's another 1+ mile?

Me?  Run 6+ miles?!?!  Once upon a time, the thought alone would have been sheer madness... However, I've proven to myself time and again that I CAN RUN!  Not only did I rise to the challenge by running 6.25 miles but I ran the same 5 mile course the week before where I had to stop and walk up the last part of a hill - only this time I didn't have to stop and walk - I talked myself through it and made it to the top {slowly - but I made it}!   YAY!

The rest of the week I kept it "easy" - walking, short runs, strength training, speed training and a couple more Zumba classes!  I also did well with my calorie cycling this week - I finally managed two higher calorie days with two lower calories days and the rest of the days in the middle.  On the higher calorie days I mentally have a hard time eating so much - it just feels odd!  I don't use these days as an opportunity to "pig-out" or "cheat."  Technically, I could - but I get to eat so much more food by sticking with my healthy choices.

For instance, I could have had a brownie (although truthfully I hate brownies and I'm one of the few women who don't like chocolate) - but instead of the brownie I was able to have 1/2 cup cottage cheese, fruit and 2 teaspoons sunflower seed butter, 1/2 ounce of shelled pistachios, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk.  I really enjoyed all the other things I was able to eat instead of that measly brownie.  I'm all about making the most of my calories!  Of course, there will be times when I opt for the brownie (or a piece of red velvet or carrot cake - mmmm) - and that's okay too, I just have to be conscience of my choices on an every day basis. 

WOW, I've written a LOT - sorry!

This week's progress...

Current weight: 235.6
Last week's weight: 237.6

Difference: -2 lbs
Total lost: -40.4 lbs

I have now officially lost 40 POUNDS (in 16 weeks)!  It almost doesn't seem real... When I think about all the things that weigh 40 pounds:

4 - 10lb bags of potatoes!  How many of you can haul around 4 - 10lb bags of potatoes?

5 gallons of water!   

My {petite} 6 year old daughter; I've lost the equivalent of one of my children!!!  This fact alone leaves me speechless!

Pound by pound... I'm doing this!!!

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