Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 06/02

I'm excited for today's post because I feel like I've come so far and accomplished so much since I started 4 months ago!

This week was a bit hectic.  As I mentioned last Saturday - I started having terrible burning pains in my lower left side... turns out I had a UTI (culture came back positive a couple days later) but for some reason it didn't show up on the dipstick test; since I never have typical UTI symptoms it's next to impossible to diagnose otherwise.  Thankfully the doctor had given me a single round of super duper antibiotics before I left that day - so I was starting to feel better by late Monday... otherwise I would have gotten worse over the holiday weekend (although I felt even more miserable on Sunday - I almost went to the ER because I was convinced I was dying that's how much pain I was in).

I ate very little on Saturday and even less on Sunday.  I just had no appetite whatsoever.  However, come Monday I forced myself to eat and exercise.  After my workout on Monday I felt weird; I felt amazing from the exercise but I was still in pain so it was a very odd sensation/feeling.

Thankfully, Tuesday I was pretty much back to my normal self.  I ran 3 miles and walked a mile on the treadmill.  Wednesday I headed out for my long run - 5 miles.  I ran my 5 mile route in reverse - so I had less hills going the opposite direction but it was still a great run.  Thursday I walked 3.5 miles (I always walk the next day after a long run - give my body a break).

Friday, however, I spent half the day in the ER with my oldest daughter.  Thursday night she developed a fever and complained her throat hurt.  I gave her some Tylenol and figured she was developing a simple cold.  Friday morning she woke up and told me her lower right abdomen hurt... Immediately I thought, "Maybe it's her appendix?" I called and scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician and an hour later we were off to the doctor appointment.

The pediatrician evaluated her and told me I would have to take her to the ER to rule out appendicitis since her pain is definitely localized and consistent in the lower right side - they would need to do some imaging to determine if it's her appendix or not.  Hubby agreed to keep my other daughter with him at work and a very dear, wonderful friend bravely graciously accepted to take my son (he's the biggest handful out of the three).  Then off to the ER we went...

I'll keep the very long story short {after 5+ hours in the ER} - she did not have appendicitis - thankfully.  The ER trip threw a wrench in my entire day - as I hardly ate and I had no time to exercise!  I'm not going to stress about it - I'm on track!  I'm doing great!  Missing a day of exercise because life happened is not my fault or an indication that I'm slacking off!

Oh, and I'm happy to announce I won a group challenge on SparkPeople's Parents of Preschoolers Group for the month of May!  I burned 18,583 calories last month (I didn't calculate my total minutes last month but I know it was a lot).  

Here's my weekly progress...

Current weight: 232.8
Last week's weight: 235.6

Difference: -2.8 lbs
Total lost: -43.2 lbs

I LOVE when I have a nearly 3 pound loss - I feel like it's my reward for working hard and staying committed!  I didn't get a chance last week to take a picture for my 40 pound loss - so I took one this morning.  I'm REALLY happy with today's picture!  I compared my picture to my last picture from about 12 pounds ago - and I'm pleasantly surprised to notice such a difference... Of course, the comparison to my before picture and where I'm at today - WOAH!  I know I'm still a long way from being where I want to be - but I've truly come so far and I couldn't be any prouder!

See for yourself...

My double chin is noticeably smaller - YAY!

I don't even think I need to say anything here...

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