Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Weigh In - 06/23

I've been looking forward to writing this post all week because I knew I was going to reach a BIG milestone today!

I usually write a weekly recap before getting to my results - but I'm just too excited to wait!

Here's my weekly progress...

Current weight: 224
Last week's weight: 227.2

Difference: -3.2 lbs
Total lost: -52 lbs

52 POUNDS!  There's a party going on in my head right now!

A couple weeks ago my mom suggested I take a picture wearing the same clothes I wore in my before picture... I never even thought about it, but I really liked the idea - so I decided I would do that when I reached a 50 pound loss.  Prepare yourselves to be amazed... 

I'm no where near close to my ideal/goal weight (I'm aiming for 135-140 lbs) but there is a tremendous difference between where I started and where I'm at now!  I couldn't even pull that sweater over the front of my chest.  Not only can I pull the sweater over my front - I can BUTTON IT ALL THE WAY!  (Note: the two bottom shell buttons were broken so the sweater wouldn't stay buttoned at the bottom - and it was pulling at the chest because of the position of my arms... and well, my "girls" continue to make their presence known!)

While I concede to always having a slightly chubby face - my smile is no longer lost in all of the facial fluffiness I had going on in my before picture.  Honestly, my smile looks quite painful in the before picture - whereas now I can see true happiness in my smile and a spark in my eyes!  Yes, I'm still sporting a double chin- but here's to hoping not for much longer!

As for this week - I was an exercise queen, again.  Here I am in my biking "outfit."  Anything people can do half naked - I can do, covered modestly!  Yes, ladies can ride a bike or going running in a full length skirt!  In fact, 12 years ago I went bungie jumping in Vegas, twice, wearing a skirt (don't panic - I had pants underneath).  I may be Muslim and I believe wholeheartedly in modesty - but I'm no wallflower and I like getting sweaty!  :D  hehe!

Following is my workouts for this week:

Saturday - DAY OFF!
Sunday - Zumba
Monday - 7 mile run
Tuesday - 2.22 mile run/2 mile walk, Zumba (at home) & strength training
Wednesday - 10.16 mile bike ride
Thursday - 5.18 mile bike ride & Zumba
Friday - 3.36 mile bike ride (with the kids)

I worked out a total of 9 hours and 5 minutes - burning a total of 7,676 calories!  I remained steadfast in my eating habits; continuing with my calorie "cycling" (eating more on a couple days and less on a couple others).  I even "splurged" last weekend and had potato salad - something I ordinarily cannot eat without going overboard.  Technically, however, it wasn't a true splurge since I made a special batch for myself measuring out the potatoes, using very little mayo (about 2 teaspoons), Greek yogurt and a combination of 1 whole {hard-boiled} egg and 2 egg whites while loading up on the celery and onion.  It was tasty - not quite as tasty as the loaded-fat version - but delicious and hearty (I also enjoyed being able to have a pretty big serving due to the "alterations").

I've learned so much about myself in the last several months!  I look forward to discovering more about me as I continue this journey! 

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